Freshman’s first homecoming memorable

As a middle schooler, I would always scroll through upperclassmen’s homecoming pictures on social media and hear about high school dance stereotypes. 

A good week after my first homecoming experience, I have to say that the homecoming week, game and dance didn’t disappoint at all. Seeing all the work put into the homecoming events made me pumped up and excited for everything planned for the week. 

Spirit days weren’t something abnormal to me. We had them all the time in middle school. But coming to high school has proven to be a whole level up. 

Seeing the decorations in the main building, photo backdrops, and the amount of participation from the whole school showed how important homecoming week was to Cal. Seeing this made me excited for everything to come the following weekend during the game and dance. 

Finally, after participating in the spirit days, Friday rolled around, and my friends and I were super enthusiastic about the upcoming game. 

Especially after losing the past two home games and it being Friday the 13th, we were ready to go and cheer on the football team a little more. I guess the Cal spirit throughout the week really paid off as the varsity team brought home another victory.

By Oct. 14, my friends and I were extremely excited for the dance. All of the clichés about high school dances made us nervous in anticipation for the night. 

Our first stop was to take homecoming pictures by the beautiful waterfall. After seeing many pictures of homecoming, I couldn’t believe I was in that spot, taking a hoco pictures myself. 

Next was the dance that all the freshman had especially been waiting for. Despite the huge numbers of people trying to get through the entrance, the three hours filled with hanging out, eating, and dancing gave me a happy experience that I’ll never forget.

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