Go ‘mutts’ over the pets in the newsroom


Emma Hall, Managing Editor

Breaking meows! Heel the press! The Californian would like to give appreciation and gratitude to these pets of pawsitivity. 

Working for The Californian can be sometimes stressful, so it’s only appropriate these pets are given the recognition they deserve. Here are the stories of the wonderful pets owned by various staffers.

Meet Mordy, photo editor Abby Fritz’s bull mastiff and shar pei mix. Mordy loves car rides and napping. 

He is known for his morning routine as he somehow finds a way to completely wrap himself in blankets, even with no opposable thumbs. To awake Mordy, one must gently nudge and whisper softly to him. If these steps are not followed properly, Mordy will most likely continue napping. He is a true artist of the blanket burrito technique.

Rerun is a ten year old pug owned by adviser and English teacher Brian Barr. Named after the Peanuts character, Rerun likes to catch lizards and birds, and receive belly rubs. Although Rerun is the golden age of 56 in translation to human years, she is known to be incredibly energetic and has a history of leaping over and crashing doggy gates with full force like an equestrian horse. Rerun has set the Barr high for dog athleticism.  

Pippy is staff writer Kiley Borba’s nine year old pit bull/chihuahua mix. If you think life in the suburban echo-chamber of San Ramon is hard, then Pippy has something to tell you. In her lifetime, she has survived eating rat poison, getting hit by a car, and being mauled by a greyhound/pit bull mix. 

Despite the amount of significantly traumatic events Pippi has experienced, she is described as a sweetheart who loves sleeping and eating cashews. Pippi is the living example to keep on being positive when life gets ruff. 

My cat, Mimi is a seven year old mix breed who is currently trying to take the “oppawtunity” to become the next biggest Instagram celebrity. As Mimi’s owner, I can guarantee that her cute selfies are lovely to see on an Instagram feed everyday. Mimi’s account is @mimi_muffins and is great for inspiring a communist revolution. Be enlightened every morning while scrolling your feed by the sight of Mimi while reading “let the ruling class tremble at the Communist revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains.” 

Bing and Tessa, who both embody true doggy pawer and adore peanut butter, belongs to artist Kathy Le. Bing is a terrier mix who claims every box that enters the Le home like the true canine warrior he is. 

Tessa is a six year old chihuahua mix who expects food whenever she pleases and dares to mess with anyone who gets in her way. Tessa is also courageous and occasionally reckless as she once tried to eat nail polish remover. These dogs are truly a force to be reckoned with. 

Like Tessa, Artin also likes to eat inedible objects. Artin is three years old and belongs to opinions editor Shirin Afrakhteh. It is said that Artin is able to kill a man with his own bare paws, but he has also been described as very soft and clumsy. 

Artin is truly a mysterious and complex creature. Although he seems like a brute of myths and legends, one could easily find Artin’s species crying in every movie theater in America. 

(Artin is actually Shirin’s little brother but because of his unusual characteristics, she considers him to be equivalent to a pet.) 

It is important to remember that even if everything goes to gutter, at least our fluffy and lovable friends will be around to support us through it all.