2018 – Where silence meets spirit


Graphic by Faith Meyers

The class of 2018 has about as much enthusiasm as a dead rat being flung around by a ceiling fan.

Holden Curtis, Staff Writer

The California High School class of 2018 is truly a remarkable group of young men and women. 

Over the past four years our class has grown so much as people, all while building upon some amazing qualities we possess along the way. These qualities range from an obvious genius level intellect to a selflessness which could rival that of Mother Teresa.

The list could go on, but if I were to continue it we would be here reading this for the better half of a minute, so I’ll get to the point. 

Our class has many admirable traits, but our most prominent is undoubtedly our staggering sense of school spirit.

Rarely did I find myself walking down the halls during a passing period without hearing cheerful words of encouragement such as, “I can’t wait until we graduate from this dump,” or better yet, “It’s only tutorial!? That’s it, I’m out of here.”

So fondly do I remember the buzz of excitement radiating from every single senior during football season. Win or lose, the senior section would cheer and scream the lights out… and then promptly empty the entire stadium at halftime to go to In-N-Out. Now that’s unrivaled spirit!

Our class is so spirited that we can’t even contain ourselves in the confines of our campus. Everyday come lunchtime, tens of hundreds of my fellow seniors can be seen rushing to the office to sign out. Presumably this is because they want to take the streets hooting and hollering for the whole city to hear about how much we love our school. 

I mean, they aren’t just leaving because they hate school right? Of course not. That’s just unspirited, and that’s not a word that can be used to describe the class of 2018 by any means.

Spirit days have always been a huge day for us spirited souls! After all the word is in the title.

Sometimes we take these days so literally that we don’t even wear the designated articles of clothing, and instead we just think about wearing it. By that definition we are then participating during spirit day in spirit.

How meta. I can’t say spirit enough. Spirit! Spirit! SPIRIT!

And lastly, how could I forget all of our amazing rallies. 

Rallies are practically the Super Bowl of spirit. What a blast we had sitting in anticipation waiting to see if the National Anthem would play or not. 

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the games we played. It was like pulling teeth trying to get someone from our class today… because no one could stop smiling. So much fun!

Moving forward, I don’t know how I will be enthused about anything without my wonderful classmates by my side.

With each complaint, insulting joke, and impromptu vape session, I have witnessed while trying to relieve myself, my soul filled with more and more spirit. 

I ask myself, with high school ending will I be able to move on without my spirited classmates? Of course I will!