2018’s best and worst video games

Andrew Sousa, Sports Editor

So 2018 is about to come to a close, which means the last video games of the year are about to or have already been released. 

And while some of this year’s games certainly didn’t disappoint for the most part, there were some games that missed the mark of video game glory.

But which games were truly the cream of the crop, ones that will never be forgotten and will be talked about for many more years? And which games left a bad taste in the mouths of gamers everywhere?

(Note: Sorry Nintendo fans, “Super Smash Bros.” will not be on this list as it has not been released at the time of this writing.) 

Let’s start out with the two worst games of 2018.

2. “Battlefield V” – The runner-up for  worst game of the year, “Battlefield V” shows that the sequel is almost always worse than the original, with some exceptions.

“Battlefield V” is a first person shooter game that takes place during the time period of World War II, a direct sequel to “Battlefield I” which takes place during World War I. 

The game leans heavily on its thematic approach and intense scenes, believing that those would grant the player a greater experience and earn awesome reviews.

Players and critics disagreed. The game was destined to have large and enraging flaws because “Battlefield” has just too many mistakes. Numerous historical inaccuracies and moments that were far from realistic puts a great stain on “Battlefield’s” otherwise decent gameplay. 

While “Battlefield V” does not reach a “Fallout 76” level of terribleness, there were many skeptics before it’s release, and they were proven right.

1. “Fallout 76” – “Fallout 76” rolls out another solid, old-style soundtrack, a staple of the Fallout franchise. But it can’t save it from gaming futility and claiming the dishonor of worst game of the year.

“Fallout 76” is an online, multiplayer game in which players explore the area of West Virginia 25 years after a nuclear fallout. 

Players explore the environment, completing tasks and finding other players. The game introduces the ability to play online with your friends or random people, which is something refreshing and brand new to the Fallout series. 

This is where the positives end. 

There is very little action and adventure during the game. Playing people? Total disaster. People are more interested in nuking your house than actually helping you make progress in the game. 

There is also a scary amount of bugs and glitches in the game, ruining the experience. This game was considered a complete flop by many critics and fans, and it certainly is. 

After those terrible games, let’s  lighten the mood and announce the top games of 2018.

2. “Fortnite: Battle Royale” – I know what you’re thinking: Fortnite? That game’s for nine year olds. 

You know what, I don’t care. When you get past the 12 year olds “flossing” in the lobby and teammates screaming at you that he ran out of materials, it’s no surprise that this really fun game is runner-up to best game of the year.

 If you don’t know what it is already, Fortnite is a battle royale game where 100 players drop into a map, find weapons, and eliminate other players while remaining inside the storm while trying not to take damage. The last player alive earns the epic Victory Royale. 

This game would be rated higher, but it technically came out in 2017. And indeed the massive number of little kids screaming and whining about it can make the game almost unplayable at times. Yet, Fortnite continues to be the highest played game of 2018 and should continue its reign over its genre for quite some time. 

1. “Spider-Man” – And my winner for 2018 game of the year goes to the friendly neighborhood “Spider-Man.”

The open-world game allows players to be Spider-Man and travel around New York City completing quests and helping citizens. The game has received high praise for its gorgeous and accurate design of New York City, and the gameplay is very smooth and well put together. 

Although the action and adventures are very fun, it sort of lacks innovation since it’s, once again, another open-world game. 

However, the amazing graphics combined with the interesting and immersive storyline give “Spider-Man” lovers a great game to play.