When is a movie live action?


Rohan Puranik

"Detective Pikachu" is a highly anticipated live action movie because it brings the animated Pokemon into the real world.

LV Vishwanathan, Staff Writer

There has been much debateamong lm lovers about whatmovies are considered animated and what movies are considered live action, despite having ani- mated elements.

Live action animation mov- ies are movies in which CG characters interact with real life characters and environments.

The rst live action animationmovie was “Gertie the Dino- saur” by Winsor McCay. Thisstarted in the silent lm era.

Contrary to popular belief, Mickey Mouse was not Dis-

ney’s rst success.
A classic example of a live

action animation movie was “Space Jam,” where the real life character of Michael Jordan accidentally enters a toon world and plays the Looney Tunes characters in basketball.

Animated characters and real life characters had to be positioned precisely to get better output using an optical printer or an aerial image animation cameras. Then, the negatives would be printed twice on the same release print.

The 2010 version of “Alice in Wonderland” included CG characters like the White Rabbit and Cheshire Cat, alongside real life characters who were created using more modern methods.

This made it so the animated characters looked just as realistic as the actual actors.

But combining real life characters with CG characters is not an easy job.

It takes a lot of time to position the live action and animated characters to make them look realistic in their environment.

For example, take the action sequence of a real life character kicking a ball and having it fall somewhere that cannot be seen by our naked eye.

To create this sequence, ashot rst would be taken of theperson who is kicking the ball.

Then, with the help of com-

puter software, the ball could be placed according to the position it would most likely be, if it was actually kicked. This happens to be the biggest challenge.

These are some things to consider when watching the soon-to-be-released “Detective Pikachu,” a live action movie with animated aspects.

After fans watched the trailer, many were happy to see their favorite Pokemon in the real world.

Live action movies that incorporate animation are able to give viewers an experience that can’t be achieved with live action alone.

It allows them to see the creatures and characters of action come to life.