Star signs fool no one

Ceci Musgrove, Features Editor

ns are often viewed by people everywhere, skeptical or not. 

Every day I wake up and check my Co-Star app to see if something new is going to affect my day, my relationships with others, or if I should watch out for something I shouldn’t be doing.

Like most, I can be skeptical of things I see in my horoscope, such as my magnetism bringing in more people, or that I shouldn’t tell any lies because it will be fatal to my relationships.

Astrological signs  often have been looked at since the beginning of time by several different civilizations who thought that the stars were an indicator of who we were supposed to marry and grow up to achieve.

In William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet,” the mention of star-crossed lovers refers to the stars not being aligned for these teens to fall in love with each other, which contributes to them taking their own lives. Often this is the plot for many teen romances because of this idea of forbidden love was made so popular.

A person’s zodiac sign can be determined by the month they were born, and between the 21st and 23rd of that month. There are 12 zodiacs: Aquarius, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Virgo, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Taurus, and Pisces. 

Several different cultures have their own version of astrology that they use to determine personality, careers and their overall fate. 

In the Chinese zodiac, the zodiacs are instead all based on animals and are the Chinese calendar. People’s Chinese zodiac signs are determined by the year they were born, rather than the month, which is used for determining traditional zodiacs.

Personally, I don’t believe in the Chinese zodiac because if everyone born in the same year was the same, wouldn’t we notice it? 

I was born in 2002, the year of the horse. If everyone born in 2002 was exactly the same, and had the exact same type of career path laid out for them, we would have many people missing out on the different types of jobs that could potentially be doing. 

In addition to both the traditional and Chinese zodiacs, in the Western astrology charts there also is something called a natal astrology or genethliacon astrology. It is the concept that people’s lives can be planned out by the exact day, and time they were born,  and the location. 

I believe this even less than I believe in the Chinese Zodiac. I don’t think where or what time I was born can possibly determine anything other than what is on my birth certificate. 

The zodiac signs are often looked to for advice in many aspects,  including compatibility with another person or other people, or individual strengths and weaknesses. But I think that we make our own destinies.

Although I have fun reading the different horoscopes of the day, I remind myself that it can’t all be true.

How would every person born within the same time period as me be going through the same things I am? There is no way every person in the world has the same traits, based on the timing of their birth. 

As a Cancer, I don’t think it’s possible that everyone born in the same time range as me is just as emotional and persuasive as I am. If everyone born at a certain point was even slightly the same, the world would be more boring than it already is. It’s not possible that people are the same, and have to date people compatible from another sign. 

Though they may be fun to read, I believe they might just be caused by the “placebo effect”. They have nothing to do with how we actually are on a regular basis. 

So the next time you’re wondering whether or not you should date someone, or be someone’s friend, don’t let their sign be any indicator for your choice. It truly means nothing.