Why I hate the holiday season


Isabelle Coburn

From corny Hallmark movies to the obligation of buying gifts for friends, there is so much to hate about the festive time of the year.

Sienna Morgan, Staff Writer

As we all know, the holiday season has kicked into full gear. For most, this is a fun time to spend with family and friends (before COVID), but not for me.

I hate the holiday season with a passion. Not just one specific holiday, but all of them.

First of all, Christmas is just a stupid holiday because everyone is jolly and happy. Did they not forget that seasonal depression is here?

Don’t you hate it when you’re just walking down the street and there’s red and green plastered over all the walls?  Who decided that red and green were Christmas colors? They were just normal colors until someone said, “Oh, this represents Christmas because trees are green and red is a nice happy color!”

Red and green are now ruined because they represent happiness and joy which nobody wants.

Not to mention the guy ringing the bell for the needy. The annoyance that causes in my life is beyond comparison. The constant ringing causes my ear drums to burst and bleed. It’s not like I have extra cash to give away because I’m spending it all on presents.

The presents are the worst part of Christmas. I have to give one to each of my 20 friends every year. That cost me hundreds of dollars to find the perfect presents for each one. I don’t even have a job, so I take my Christmas money I get under the tree and buy presents with that money.

Who even likes Christmas trees anyways? What if the tree falls off the car when you’re taking it home because it’s not tied tightly enough. I bet no one thought of tying their tree down. If it’s in the car, the pine needles will get on those expensive leather seats.

Then when you take the tree into the house, so many pine needles get all over the place so you’ll need to vacuum. Not to mention the amount of water you need for the tree. Just a couple cups you might say, well people are dying of thirst and that water could be used to save them.

Fake trees aren’t that much better anyways. They don’t even emit oxygen which is bad for the environment. In fact, those trees are worse because they emit more carbon dioxide. It’s costing our planet a lot for just a stupid, plastic Christmas tree.

The music also sucks during the holidays. Listening to Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is You,” “Winter Wonderland” and Hanukkah songs has me wanting to throw up. It’s the same old songs every year that don’t hype up the holiday season. Instead, they make it more annoying.

Then again, there is a reason why holidays were invented. The holiday season is supposed to hype us up and give us hope and joy in the time of seasonal depression. So no matter what holiday you celebrate, we find happiness, hope, and sometimes religion with these celebrations.

Even though they can be annoying, irritating, and down right frustrating, the holiday season is about finding light in the dark… especially this year.

I guess the holiday season isn’t so bad after all.