Cal appreciating culture much more

Cal High has turned a new leaf in terms of inclusion by creating different activities to educate and appreciatemore cultures.
Last year, Cal’s Culture and Climate Team created Instagram posts for heritage months, but that was the extent of the awareness spread for different cultures. There were not many activities advertised to students, making the celebrations small and pointless.
Creating Instagram posts is not enough to enforce the positive thinking that is needed to improve Cal’s culture awareness.
The drastic change between last year’s cultural appreciation versus this year’s is immense.
Cal’s leadership team started the year with Latin Heritage Month, which runs from Sept. 15-Oct. 15. Flags of different Hispanic countries are hung throughout the main building. Activities pertaining to Latin culture, such as making papel picado and watching “Encanto”, were also organized for students.
These activities make the educational aspect of cultural awareness more fun and accessible to more students. Only some Cal students have access to social media where they can view posts during heritage months, so including in-person events creates more inclusivity.
For Latin Heritage Month, leadership reached out to the Hispanic Heritage Club and AP Spanish classes to get their input for creating inclusive activities. This is a great way to get accurate and well thought out information.
Leadership should continue to use input from clubs of different backgrounds to break stereotypes that would be reinforced by assumptions.
The effort put into the variety of events for Latin Heritage Month is a huge step up from just Instagram posts. It creates a stronger connection between students and encourages a more inclusive environment.
What’s most important now is a commitment to such actions. We started the year off strong, so it’s important to continue the positive energy and effort for all heritage months and cultural weeks.
As we continue to celebrate different cultures, learning about their history and why certain activities are important can help educate students so they become more mindful of others on campus.
Leadership is doing their best in changing Cal’s culture, but it is up to the students to help promote positive appreciation as well. Participating in the activities, reading through Instagram posts, and being more mindful of other people’s backgrounds on campus can all contribute to a more inclusive campus.