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Logan Visola
Logan Visola is a first year budding photographer for the Californian. He likes to play Super Smash Bros and participates in tournaments often. He works at Lucky Supermarket. He has always had an interest in photography, and now he is able to put his interest to good use. He likes to bike as well. Seeing as he lives in an area surrounded by stores and restaurants, biking is an easy way to get around. He has three cats (two male and one female), and he loses sleep to them because they keep meowing at his door. His favorite vine reference is “You stupid.” “No I'm not” “What’s nine plus ten?” “Twenty-one.” 

Logan Visola, Photographer

Sep 30, 2020
No high school sports until at least December (Media)
Mar 28, 2020
Interact club helps local community (Media)
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Logan Visola