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Grizzlies take their studies abroad

From left to right,  seniors Camila Craig, Samantha Merjano, Vanessa Lamare, Craig Hughes, Luke Campopiano, and Jared DeVilbiss are all attending part of their college careers overseas.
Six seniors will spend at least a few years of college out of the country
June 7, 2016

For many seniors, the transition from high school to college signifies the beginning of a new era of exploration and independence. But a handful of students are about to take a bigger leap than some...

Music festivals a big hit

Music festivals a big hit
June 5, 2015

The final stretch of this school year is coming to a close, and with that, summer is fast approaching. Unfortunately, it ends just as quickly as it begins and students are left with the daunting task...

Freshmen go mad for ‘Mango’

Freshmen go mad for 'Mango'
April 27, 2015

Most high school English students are all too familiar with the tedious task of required reading. From stories about a full grown man-child and his best friend to unreasonable Shakespearean romance, students...

Promposal pressure increases

Promposal pressure increases
March 10, 2015

With junior prom just around the corner, it’s prime time for some epic, post-worthy promposals. From punny posters to grand romantic gestures, students can be sure to find pictures of happy couples...

RealCare babies teach teens life lessons

RealCare babies teach teens life lessons
January 30, 2015

Cal High tries to provide students with unique and interactive learning opportunities, and among these is the RealCare baby doll project in the Child Development class. The year-long class recently...

Well-known YouTube celebrity’s “innocent pranks” turn into serious sexual harassment allegations

November 21, 2014

YouTube celebrity Sam Pepper is under fire for a controversial video he posted in October and is now facing other serious allegations. Sam Pepper is a famous YouTube personality, well known for...

Students bundle up in the latest fall fashions

October 17, 2014

Colorful leaves and pumpkin spice lattes are sure signs that fall is finally here and for many people this means a drastic change in wardrobe. As mornings get chillier and the days cool down, many of...

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