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How many tries does it take to get the right teacher?

How many tries does it take to get the right teacher?

Wyatt Golla, Staff Writer

May 6, 2020

Throughout my first year of high school I’ve been faced with a conundrum: Who are my math and health teachers? In both my first and second periods, I’ve had at least eight different teachers combined. Yes, that’s right. Eight.  It’s been a mix of substitutes, people who’ve been coddled...

Freshmen stars shining bright on varsity

Freshman Matthew Alm, second from left, keeps up with the pack during the 1600-meter race for Cal’s track team. Alm also competes in he 3200m and 800m races, and ran varsity cross country for the Grizzlies in the fall.

Michelle Kuperman, A&E Editor

March 26, 2019

From the bright green softball and baseball diamonds to the hardwood of the volleyball court to the soft rubbery track, freshmen at Cal High have made their mark on varsity athletic teams this season. Whether its Payton Lee helping Cal reach the CIF State volleyball tourament or Matthew Alm and Madison...

Good advice comes in threes

Celeste Virador, Freshman Columnist

September 28, 2017

Remember that scene, for you Marvel fans, in “Guardians of the Galaxy Volume II,” when everyone kept telling Nebula that the fruit was not ripe yet?  Besides being hilarious, this scene shows two things: one, if you really have to try things out for yourself first, be prepared not to make...

Be proud, freshmen

Rachana Balakrishnan, Freshman Columnist

September 28, 2017

Surviving high school is a hard feat. But surviving the first month is even tougher.  Primarily, you have to know that you’re the future of this high school. You are bound to become a great person, talented in the area of expertise in which you specialize. So, let me give you some blind...

Freshman excels in history competition

Freshman excels in history competition

Annissa Bensalah, Features Editor

April 27, 2015

It’s not everyday you meet a history genius who is only a freshman. Michael Bahk recently won first place in the performance category of the Contra Costa division of the National History Day Competition. His accomplishment advances him to the  statewide division of the competition in Rocklin...

Tips for freshman: Learn the ways of the hallways

Tips for freshman: Learn the ways of the hallways

Darrah Cooper, Staff Writer

October 12, 2012

Only a month into their first year of high school, many freshmen might still be confused about how to navigate the crowded halls and social norms. Fortunately, upperclassmen and teachers have plenty of advice for the new members of the Cal High community. Walking the chaotic halls filled with staring...

Gymnast flips to West Coast Finals

May 30, 2012

by Shalaka Gole, news editor Freshman. Fourteen. Four-foot-11. Female. These are all words that could be used to describe any number of girls in the world. But the thing that sets freshman Melissa Chambers apart is the first word she might use to describe herself: gymnast. Chambers, who has...

The highs and lows of required reading

The highs and lows of required reading

March 15, 2012

English classes are forever associated with books and reading. Some books students love and can’t wait to read, while others they hate but are forced to read. Here are best and worst required reading books in the eyes of staff writers Esther Lu (freshman and sophomore reviews) and Christina Calderon (j...