Good advice comes in threes

Remember that scene, for you Marvel fans, in “Guardians of the Galaxy Volume II,” when everyone kept telling Nebula that the fruit was not ripe yet?

 Besides being hilarious, this scene shows two things: one, if you really have to try things out for yourself first, be prepared not to make the same mistake twice. If you have to pull an all-nighter to realize that maybe you shouldn’t be cramming the night before a test, so be it.

 And second, good advice comes in threes.

 First of all, use your time wisely. Record that late night episode, and save it for later, because if you don’t get enough sleep, you will be a zombie during your classes. 

If you can’t get to sleep, try some relaxation exercises, or stay off the screen for at least an hour before bed. Use one of them ol’ fashioned books to put you to sleep. 

Do your homework the night you get it. Don’t procrastinate, because the pile of work on your desk is just going to keep growing. This goes for tests as well.

Stay healthy. Both physical and mental health are important during the school year so you can keep up with your workload. 

Stay hydrated. Although we probably won’t get too many 100-degree days like we did in August, the weather will stay warm through October. Bring water to school and continue to drink throughout the day. The symptoms of dehydration can sneak up on you.

 And finally, don’t forget to put yourself out there. Every freshman is new just like you, whether they came from a school in the district or they’re from outside the area.

You’ll make lots of friends if you introduce yourself first, instead of waiting around for someone to notice you on the sidelines. Join a few clubs, or take up a sport. Bond with someone over that test you have first period.

Advice is only useful when you take it. If you can learn from your mistakes the first time, you can get back into your groove sooner.  And if I sound like an old woman and you’re questioning if you should follow my advice, just remember Drax’s response to Peter Quill: “Because I am wise?”

The Californian will feature various freshmen columnists  this year. If you’re a freshmen and interested in sharing your wisdom, drop by Room 321 for more information.