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The Official Student-Run Newspaper of California High School

The Californian

The Official Student-Run Newspaper of California High School

The Californian

A hyped Christmas fan excited for their favorite holiday stands right next to a depressed person who’s already sick of the Christmas cheer.

All I want for Thanksgiving is Christmas?

Riya Reddy, Staff Writer November 9, 2023

Now that Halloween is over, it’s time to stream Christmas songs for the next two months! Sorry Thanksgiving, and any other holidays between Halloween and Christmas, but I’ve been waiting for this...

Pop star Olivia Rodrigo uses vampires to represent betrayal  and manipulation in her new hit song released on June 30.

‘GUTS’ is nauseatingly impressive

Riya Reddy, Staff Writer October 5, 2023

After depriving fans of new releases for the past two years, Olivia Rodrigo has finally back with her new album “GUTS”. Rodrigo started her career as a child actor starring in Disney shows “Bizaardvark”...

Tunes for your summer playlist

Riya Reddy, Staff Writer May 26, 2023

Refreshingly cold ice cream, the beach, the perfect summer tan, and attending state fairs. Summer is by far the best time for creating joyous memories and is the one motivation for students when school...

Going viral on TikTok is a dream for its users, and it only takes one post to make it on everyones For You page. But there is no guarantee the TikTok fame will last long.

A tutorial on how to make it big on TikTok

Riya Reddy, Staff Writer April 28, 2023

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be famous on TikTok? Imagine having thousands of likes and comments across all your videos, and fans anticipating every second of your time on screen. If this...

Influencers influence people (badly)

Influencers influence people (badly)

Riya Reddy, Staff Writer March 15, 2023

Influencers on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram have a significant impact on what their audience buys with just short videos and posts. With just an inkling of high praise for a certain product,...

AP English Literature teacher Wade Wilgus teaches his senior students. Wilgus just started teaching at Cal this year.

Students lead the way in AP Lit curriculum

Zaki Humayun and Riya Reddy February 9, 2023

The AP English Literature and Composition students have had an unorthodox year so far. Most English classes, especially AP classes, tend to follow a set curriculum or set of guidelines. But Wade Wilgus,...

After debut, award-winning albums and international fame, mamber of BTS face the next fan-dreaded K-pop milestone: the minimum 18 months of military service for each member.

BTS confirms future military enlistment

Riya Reddy, Staff Writer November 18, 2022

After long-lasting worry, debate, and postponement, it’s official – mega-hit Korean pop group BTS is enlisting in the military. Their label, Big Hit Music, released the announcement on Oct. 17, prompting...

The controversial social media influencer Andrew Tate, seen here checking his phone with a concerned look on his face while  on a private jet.

Andrew Tate has an influence with his ideology

Riya Reddy, Staff Writer October 13, 2022

There are many influential people on social media whose ideas often impact their viewers. One influencer, who’s known for his controversial opinions, is Andrew Cobra Tate, whose fanbase is mainly young...

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