Tunes for your summer playlist

Refreshingly cold ice cream, the beach, the perfect summer tan, and attending state fairs.
Summer is by far the best time for creating joyous memories and is the one motivation for students when school becomes stressful.
And the thing that ties together all the most anticipated activities of the summer is the perfect playlist. From new releases to classics, here are the best summer songs to make the perfect playlist.
Summer songs bring joy to a crowded room, they connect people and create a lively environment. They express feelings such as heartbreak and celebration of youth.
First, the classics must be introduced. These songs are filled with nostalgia and can get anyone in a good mood. “California Gurls” by Katy Perry featuring Snoop Dog is an energetic song that can bring life and joy to any sad soul.
It’s the sun after a rainy day, the perfect song for the beach or pool party. Perry’s strong voice and passionate lyrics can make anyone forget the hard times and only think about happy memories going forward.
Nicki Minaj is a global sensation, the queen of rap. Her songs scream, “Have a good time.”
“Super Bass” and “Starships” are two unskippable songs of hers that make you feel like summer is right around the corner.
“Super Bass” is about falling head over heels in love. This song speaks for how even the slightest crush can feel surreal, perfect for getting hyped up to.
“Starships”, the song played at almost every party, is upbeat and fun. It can’t get any better than that.
This song promotes having fun and that’s exactly what summertime is all about. Doing what you love and making yourself happy is more important than social standards, which is the message Minaj hopes to give through this song.
The last song mentioning Minaj is “Alone”, a collaboration with Kim Petras, another singer and songwriter. This song was released in April of 2023, much anticipated by both of their fans.
The rhythm and tune of the music is very nostalgic, similar to upbeat bubblegum songs that were very popular among children and teens in 2012.
Last but not least, “Brutal” by young rising artist Olivia Rodrigo belongs in any summer playlist.
This song is different from the songs above as it focuses on insecurities and self-image.
Life has its ups and downs, and this song reminds the listener to look back at the difficult times that make everyone who they are today.
“Brutal” is still lively, as it has a rock style, so as not to bring the mood down. This song has become well-known and is enjoyable to listen to because of its catchy tune and relatability for most teens.
These songs are the best for a fun day at the beach or at a pool party with friends. There’s no better feeling than listening to the greatest summer songs during the funnest time of the year.
But no matter how good a summer playlist is, it can only reach its full potential if it’s being enjoyed by loved ones too.Be sure to enjoy this summer by jamming out with the people you care about.