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Looking for fun? You won’t find it in San Ramon

Looking for fun? You won’t find it in San Ramon

Izzy Belof and Conan Maron, Staff Writers

February 12, 2019

Living in the Bay Area means living a life full of vibrant activ- ity, and with San Ramon being in such close proximity to San Francisco, there should be a multitude of interesting things to do in this city. OK, not really. There’s literal- ly nothing to do. But out of the doldrums of bore...

San Ramon City Council seats are up for grabs

Sam Campopiano, Managing Editor

November 7, 2016

Although many voters are focusing on the national election, local San Ramon city elections take place tomorrow as well. Four candidates are competing for two spots on the San Ramon City Council.  The candidates are incumbents Scott Perkins and Phil O’Loane, and newcomers Sabina Zafar and Susmita...

Students respond to at-home tutor violence

Sam Canter, Staff Writer

October 12, 2012

The recent case of a San Ramon tutor physically abusing his students has people asking how safe and trustworthy at-home tutors actually are. San Ramon man Hyungwoo Lee was arrested on suspicion of physically abusing the South Korean teenage exchange students that he provided with room, board and academic...

Wallmart should stay Smallmart

October 12, 2012

There’s a new celebrity in town: the world’s largest retail corporation has come to San Ramon. Walmart opened a Neighborhood Market in the Country Club Village Shopping Center on Alcosta Blvd. last month, and residents are wary of the reputation that accompanies the brand.  But the corporation...