It’s all fun and games until someone is hit with a flour bomb

Tyler Hollander
Staff Writer

For years, Iron Horse Middle School has been the grounds of some of the most brutal battles of the Civil War.

These gruesome battles have finally been brought to a rest by school administrators as the violence that took place during these days was just too much to overlook.

It’s official: the Civil War is finally over.

The Civil War Day was founded in 2002, and it was used to demonstrate the catastrophic damage and destruction of the Civil War.

The goal of the war was for the Union to attack the Confederates in a game similar to capture the flag with a brutal twist.

Each soldier in this deadly game of capture the flag is armed with flour bombs that inflict massive damage to their opposition, and have caused many lasting injuries.

“I was wounded in the war of 2007, ” said senior Taylor Duffy. “I got hit by a flour bomb and some flour got in my eye. I’ve never been the same since.”

With injuries such as these, along with countless other accidents, the day was thought to be too dangerous and taught students to be ruthless.

Some tactics used to capture the flag that have been brought to light have disgusted countless people, and generated sympathy for the participants of this awful day.

Senior Zachary Yates remembers the vicious battles that took place, and still wakes up in the middle of the night terrorized with the memories of friends lost.

Despite the many heinous acts of war and bloodshed that accompany this day, some veterans have argued that it taught them valuable lessons about life.

“The rigors and sights of the Civil War changed my life,” said junior Nick Cantoni. “It has made me the man I am today. Without that experience I would just be a little boy.”

Regardless of people’s feelings about Civil War Day, it is officially over, and with it, a chapter of American history has come to an end.

Now the people of San Ramon can look back and remember those who have suffered and the sacrifices made by the many generations to keep the schools of the area safe.

We shall live on and keep the sacrifices made by many close to our hearts and in our minds forever.

It is time to rebuild after so much devastaton.

Let the Reconstruction begin.