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Ladies ready to rumble

Ladies ready to rumble

June 7, 2012

  Tyler Hollander Staff Writer   It’s the time of year that makes even the NFL jealous. It’s Powder Puff season. Every year the girls of the junior and senior classes have the...

Sunscreen shots for everybody!

May 30, 2012

Tyler Hollander Staff Writer Having fun in the sun wasn’t the easiest task this year at the senior picnic. As usual, the former senior classes ruined the fun of the annual senior picnic. A...

Assassins returns to Cal with a pop

March 13, 2012

Tyler Hollander Staff Writer Lock your doors. Patrol your house. Watch your back. And above all else, wear a turtleneck, because your classmates are coming for your neck. Assassins is back. For...

It’s all fun and games until someone is hit with a flour bomb

February 6, 2012

Tyler Hollander Staff Writer For years, Iron Horse Middle School has been the grounds of some of the most brutal battles of the Civil War. These gruesome battles have finally been brought to a rest...

Karcrashian wedding

December 13, 2011

Tyler Hollander Staff Writer A smokin’ body, superstar status, and loads of money. What person doesn’t like these qualities in a significant other? Due to an astonishing development that...

Have you heard? The beard’s the word

February 4, 2011

By Tyler Hollander, staff writer What makes a man? Is it how ripped he is or is it how large of a harem he has? Reasons such as these are ridiculous. It’s his ability to cover his face in hair. The...

Social psychology decoded in the brain

December 14, 2010

By Tyler Hollander Very few people would suspect that Attila the Hun and President Barack Obama would have anything in common. But as strong leaders, both had certain inherent psychological qualities. Whether...

Many students cheat to compete

November 4, 2010

    By Jacob Hirsohn and Tyler Hollander, Staff Writers   A desperate student is sitting in class on the day of a test, and suddenly the pressure of getting into a good college and...

Dancing through the decades

October 11, 2010

by Tyler Hollander, staff writer It’s that time of year again, when all the buzz on campus is of  homecoming  and the festivities that come with it. Homecoming begins next week and ends...

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