Barack Obama wasn’t the right man


Austin Hille, Editor In Chief

Americans who went to the polls last week were faced with one the hardest decisions today as American citizens, “Who should I elect as president?”

Clearly, Republican Mitt Romney was the best choice for this country, and there shouldn’t have been any debate about it.  But apparently some people thought otherwise, which is why I’m here to explain why the wrong person was elected president.

First of all, we can see his expertise through his background as a successful businessman. Romney is a graduate from Harvard law and business schools, and a BYU valedictorian.

His positive record doesn’t just end at college.  At Bain & Co., Romney’s old investment company, he showed his true talents as an economic genius.

In 1990, Bain & Co. was in economic dire straits when the CEO asked Romney to step in and fix the problem, according to

After one year of tightening budgets, negotiating loans, and other financial wizardry, he had the company returned to profitability.

Also, after his time at Bain & Co., he raised $37 million in startup funds and opened his own sister firm to Bain & Co. called Bain Capital.

In his time there, he successfully rescued big corporate names like Staples, Domino’s Pizza, and Brookstone. Bain Capital now manages about $40 billion, which is $39 billion more than what he started with.

In addition to his business record, Romney was also an extremely successful governor of Massachusetts.

When he took over as governor, Massachusetts was facing a substantial amount of debt, according to Romney was able to wrangle Massachusetts out of that debt, and to put them in good economic standings in one term.

Unless you are living under a rock, then you know that America is currently in an economic crisis.  Romney is exactly what we needed to pull America out of this crisis.

His tax policy may seem weird and certainly not fit for current economic times. Romney proposed to cut and eliminate a large amount of taxes, starting for the rich, and extending to the middle class.

But wait, aren’t we in some huge economic crisis? Yes! That is exactly what this is going to fix. By cutting taxes, people are more likely to spend money,  which will spike the economy.

The economy is not the only thing Romney could have fixed. He planned to reform the way Americans handle energy. Like it or not, we rely on oil. As much a people want to reduce the amount we use, we can’t just yet.

This was exactly what Romney proposed to do, and on top of that, he also planned to take America off of the drug that is Middle Eastern oil. His energy plan was composed of expanding state drilling and rights to offshore drilling.

This would have given the U.S. a lot more oil, which is what we need.  On top of that, Romney planned to accept to the terms of the Keystone XL pipeline, which is a large petroleum pipeline that starts in Canada, and extends into Mexico.

This pipeline is a perfect way to stop relying on Middle Eastern countries and getting all the oil we need from friendlier neighboring countries.

Like it or not, Romney was the best choice for America. His past and plans for the future clearly proved it. He is an economic genius with a mind like a prophet that sees America’s bright and successful future.

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