NSA, bills pose serious privacy threat


Mira Aboutaam, Ad Manager/Staff Writer

The National  Security Agency has gone too far; stalking American citizens. Since they have complete access to emails, Facebook, Twitter, etc., we no longer have any privacy.

The NSA has planned to abolish Internet privacy, an action that is unconstitutional and destructive, according to counterpunch.org, an independent investigative journalism site.

Everyday our privacy rights are being taken from us. The government is also trying to pass SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect Intellectual Property Act), bills that are designed to stop online piracy.

But the problem is what may happen if they are passed into law.

There are many loopholes in the bills that will make it much easier for the government to censor websites. Some of these sites could be political, with much information that Americans should know, according to foxnews.com.

We need to stop our government from taking information and privacy from the citizens. The NSA should not be doing this, they have no right to do so.

The NSA has thousands of emails, text messages, recorded phone calls, and more as told on spiegel/international.com. There is no reason for the NSA to have this information.

The whole point of the NSA is to intercept information to keep citizens protected. Why do they have to take such extreme measures to do so?

NSA, SOPA and PIPA together give the government a lot of power over the people. We are living in a world that relies on technology and internet for vital information. If the government takes away information by shutting down websites, we will have limited access, which means limited knowledge.

That ruins the balance between the government and the people. Knowing more than the citizens know will be better for the government. The citizens will have less rights and power.

The government already controls what we are taught at school, so they decide what we know from an educational standpoint statewide. If the internet is censored, the government could control what we learn online as well.

If the government blocks websites and watches every move we make, we lose our basic right to privacy. But it seems this has already happened.

The NSA has become a stalker of the people by watching every part of American’s lives, according to the Washington Post’s website.

The NSA’s actions and the SOPA and PIPA bills have some gains but they are only for the government and big industries, such as film and music.  With no restrictions, the government could move from pirated websites to government or political sites and shut them down.

SOPA and PIPA will only help certain industries profit more while making the government stronger. There is no gain for an average citizen.

The purpose of the government is to keep the people safe, not to protect themselves. Blocking websites and stalking Americans won’t help protect the people and won’t help the government do their job.

The NSA doesn’t need any more knowledge about the people.  The people need more knowledge about the government, which should be working harder to locate dangerous people and protecting American citizens.

Our government needs to act responsibly and  find a diffrent way to solve the problem.  It should not stalk and restrict the people. It must help the people.

Bottom line: the government needs to watch over the people, not watch the people.