Corti says so long to Cal


Erin Fox, Managing Editor

Over the summer, an email was sent out to faculty and parents by former Principal Mark Corti, regarding his acceptance of a new position in the district.

The email, sent June 24, read: “Last year, I began to contemplate when I might retire… Recently, however, I have been offered a position at the district office working with Career Technical Education and Athletics.”

Corti went on to mention how those responsibilities had always been an interest of his.

Corti, who served as Cal’s principal since the spring semester of 1999, is now overseeing special projects within the district. Some of his new  responsibilities include coordinating the athletic program for the district and overseeing technological education grants.

Corti will fill this position until January 2015, and then he will officially retire. But after retirement, he still hopes to be involved in the district, and possibly work part time.

“I’m not totally ready to leave and not work somewhere,” said Corti.

In a recent phone interview, Corti reflected on his days at Cal.He said the biggest change that occurred during his tenure was the overall student population growth. When he first started in 1999, there were 1,700 students attending Cal. When Corti left in June, student enrollment had risen to 2,600 students.

Corti takes great pride in Cal’s faculty as well.

“We hired great staff members,” said Corti.

He is enthusiastic about Cal’s new principal, Sarah Wondolowski, whom he hired as assistant principal two years ago. He noted her energy, innovation, and student focus in continuing the common core curriculum.