DeVries celebrates last year with seniors at ball

Mira Aboutaam, Ad Manager/Staff Writer

Back in 2010, economics teacher Doug DeVries lead a conga line through the ballroom at senior ball, allegedly leading to him not being able to chaperone dances in the future.

DeVries was able to return to senior ball this year at the Westin St. Francis, making a triumphant comeback. His legendary conga line was undeniably a success.

The reasons for his absence are a topic of controversy, and many still question whether it was fair for DeVries to be  unable to chaperon ball.

Ball for the class of 2010 was a night to remember. Held at the Civic Center in San Francisco, it was said to be unforgettable.

“The whole evening was unbelievable,” said DeVries.

Busses broke down and parents had to pick up some of the students. Some seniors had to stay in the city until 2 a.m. waiting for rides home.

But the best part by far was the  DeVries conga line. He led nearly the entire senior class through all of the Civic Center. He was just dancing around the ballroom then decided to go up to the second floor and everyone else followed.

In 2011, DeVries ended up  dancing to Indian music on the roof with a group of seniors.

After 2011, DeVries was unable to chaperone. He was never truly banned, but he said it was nearly impossible for him to chaperone again until this year.

“I’m always very close to the senior classes,” said DeVries.

DeVries has many connections with the senior class and it shows a lot at dances like ball when everyone is together.

In the beginning of the year, teachers draw numbers and then choose which events they want to chaperone.

In 2012, DeVries’ number was seven so he should have had one of the top choices, but his number was switched to a higher number in the 70s. He was unable to choose to chaperone ball.

After three years, DeVries chaperoned again, this was his final year as a teacher and his final dance.

Senior ball 2015 started off slowly but DeVries would not let a boring ball happen on his watch. Soon enough, he had a conga line. For many seniors, this was the highlight of the night.

Within a few minutes DeVries had nearly every senior lined up and dancing together throughout the ballroom, uniting the senior class.

DeVries kept the dance line relatively calm compared to previous years, but everyone who attended  Senior Ball still managed to have fun.

DeVries went out with a bang for his final ball.