Admin will have zero tolerance for senior pranks

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Admin will have zero tolerance for senior pranks

John Symank, Staff Writer

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As the end of the year quickly approaches, Cal High administration have warned senior classes that there will be zero tolerance for student pranks this year. 

Administrators have adopted a zero tolerance policy toward senior pranks and threatened students with suspension if they pull a senior prank.

The policy is because of the damage done by last year’s senior prank, when live mice were released in front of the main building, and two were stomped on and killed. Administrators considered this prank last year the final straw. 

Assistant principal Catie Hawkins said the school will not allow any pranks whatsoever, even the most minor. Administrators plan to talk to all seniors on the matter during the last quarter. 

During previous years, fire alarms were pulled numerous times in the weeks leading up to graduation. These pranks were considered extremely disruptive and dangerous as well. 

“With the past few years, I can totally understand where admin is coming from,” said chemistry teacher Debbie Smith. “Pranks that destroy property and disrupt class aren’t funny. Pranks should be good natured. The whole point of it is to be good natured, not cost the school money and class time.”

Added fellow chemistry teacher Fredrick Wafula, “The policy’s punishment should depend on the severity of the prank. If it’s damaging or disruptive, it shouldn’t be tolerated, but if it’s just funny it’s OK.”

There are some who are hopeful that the change will stop the senior pranks, but many are not as optimistic.

“No matter what, [pranks] still happen,” said senior Zach Merritt, “Admin has zero control anymore. They’ve lost the respect of the students and so no one will care about it.” 

Senior Hunter Foster agrees. 

“It won’t work no matter what because it’s a tradition for seniors and no matter what tolerance you put on it’s gonna happen,” said Foster. “You can’t exactly stop it.”

    “Who are they going to suspend?” asked Merritt. “A senior who clearly doesn’t care if they are willing to commit a prank? This is their last act of fun, stupid, high school stuff. This has gone on for decades. Why does the admin care? So long as we don’t break the law, it’s an act of fun.”