Star Wars fan film released this week

Courtesy of IMDB

"Vader", a Star Wars Theory fan film, will be released on Dec. 20 on Star Wars Theory's YouTube channel.

Sam Campopiano, Managing Editor

For the first time in three years, Disney has decided not to release a Star Wars film in December. 

But that does not mean that there won’t be any new Star Wars content this winter.  

Star Wars Theory, the most popular Star Wars channel on YouTube, has been working on a fan-made Star Wars film since July: “Vader: A Star Wars Theory Fan Film.”  The fan film will be centered around the infamous villain Darth Vader, chronicling his experiences between the “Revenge of the Sith” and “A New Hope” movies.  

During this period, Vader is struggling with Padme’s death and serving his new master, Palpatine. The film also includes the return of the much beloved character Mace Windu. 

“The idea to make a Vader fan film was something I always wanted to do,” Star Wars Theory said in an email interview with The Californian.  “I’ve been making fan films since I was a little boy with big clunky cameras, and I would nerd out to different storylines and plots of things I want to see Vader do.  Once I worked hard to get the channel to where it is, I felt making a Vader fan film was more fulfilling than buying a house.”

The Vader fan film will be divided into a currently unknown number of episodes, all of which can be watched ad free on YouTube at no cost.  The first episode airs on Thursday.

Star Wars Theory began his YouTube channel on July 30, 2016. Today, the channel has more than 1.2 million subscribers.  He uploads multiple Star Wars themed videos each day, which range from what-if videos to breaking down and analyzing Star Wars comic books and trailers.  

Star Wars Theory has not released any of his personal information to the public and wishes to only be referred to as his YouTube channel name.

The Vader fan film is by far the most advanced Star Wars fan film ever made.  Star Wars Theory provided the creative inspiration behind the entire film, but it also received a lot of help from his movie crew.  

“With the talented crew I have with me…I can’t go wrong,” Star Wars Theory said.  “This team is magic, and with the passion for Star Wars, it’s in hyperspace mode to bring the fans something truly remarkable and special both in story and action.”

It is important to note that the Vader fan film is completely fan made and is not financed by Disney or Lucasfilm at all.  But Star Wars Theory has an agreement with Lucasfilm that allowed him to make the fan film. 

“The film is 100 percent funded by myself. I can’t make money from it, or even accept money for it,” Star Wars Theory said. “Lucasfilm gave me their blessings on this massive project, with their specific rules in mind and I intend to uphold and respect that.

“So when I was told I can’t use a fund raiser for it…I thought to myself…well…fine I’ll do it myself.”

The Vader fan film was mostly filmed in Los Angeles with semi-professional actors.  Star Wars Theory held auditions for roles in the fan film during August and announced the official cast in September.

If you can’t tell by now, Star Wars has been a huge part of the Vader fan film director’s life.  

“My love for Star Wars began at age six when my father showed me the VHS box set of the original trilogy. It was love at first sight,” Star Wars Theory said. “Star Wars is a vacation for the mind to go to a galaxy far, far away and forget about life’s problems, whatever they may be, even for just a few hours. I was that kid who would rush home from school to go on different Star Wars forums and talk to my friends online about everything Star Wars.”

Star Wars Theory is excited for the film’s release.

“Star Wars is more to me than just a franchise.  It’s helped people in so many ways of providing escape and fantasy,” Star Wars Theory said.  “This is my way of giving back to a community and franchise that has not only given me a career on YouTube, but a changed life through their storytelling, and that’s something money can’t buy.”