Grizzlies can’t park and now everyone knows


This poor parking job in the back parking lot clearly exceeds the space limitation of the standard parking space.

We’ve all seen them, maybe even been featured on them, but we can’t escape them. “cal high slumped” and “grizzlies can’t park”, the infamous Instagram accounts that have caught everyone off guard.  

Many students first saw these accounts pop up in the fall and shortly thereafter they witnessed them go viral on social media. For those who don’t know, “cal high slumped” features photos of students sleeping in class that either their friends or others send in by direct message. 

I, myself, have personally fallen victim to this account. In my defense, it was student support and Mr. [JP] Muscarello plays Jack Johnson. Many have critiqued my form, but to that, I say, to each their own. My personal method of stacking an open notebook (for softness) under a Chromebook has the highest success rate when you need a pillow substitute in my experience.

There are more than 66 posts on this page as of early December, with more than 560 followers. The first post was Nov. 19 and since then new posts have been rolling in each day, constantly keeping our feeds fresh.

“[I] saw it from TikTok and did it for fun,” the anonymous sleeping expose account owner wrote after being asked through direct message what inspired the account. 

The account owner revealed that they personally have never been featured on the account, and that only a few of their friends know their identity as the account owner, further maintaining their incognito presence.

“Grizzliescantpark” carries the similar playful intentions of embarrassing students by posting pictures of their bad parking jobs, most of which are sent in by their friends or onlookers. Since being first published on Nov. 15, “Grizzliescantpark” has 506 gained followers and collected 34 posts as of mid-December.

Junior Kamran Chaudhry, who has been featured on this account twice, said he doesn’t personally know the people who sent in the photos, but said he found it funny and didn’t care that they were posted.

Many other accounts have popped up since then, including “calhigh_posture_check”, rating students’ postures in class on a scale of 1 to 10. Others are “calhighgraffiti”, “calhighshoes”, and several other ones about outfits.

As they always do, the San Ramon Unified School District sent an email to all parents and staff on Dec. 14, to address these and several other accounts.

“In recent weeks, we have observed multiple Instagram accounts that do not model our values of promoting, cultivating, and creating a safe and supportive environment for all students,” wrote Ilana Israel Samuels, the district’s director of communications and community relations.

The email went on to state that the accounts embarrass students, and at the worst, “target, harass , and bully”. It wasn’t clearly specified to which accounts they were referring.

“Some accounts are harmless like the bad parking, but others can be seen as disrespectful,” Chaudhry said after hearing about the district’s email. “But for the harmless accounts, I think it’s just for the fun of it.”

Several accounts have the words “DM to get post removed” or “Posted with permission” in their bios.

Regardless of controversies, these Instagram accounts don´t seem to be coming to an end anytime soon with different themes multiplying by the minute and I don’t hear anyone complaining. Except maybe the poor desks that are constantly being drooled on by countless ¨slumped¨ students struggling to keep their eyes open in class.