Students need nap time now more than ever

Local idiot boldly suggests the return of kindergarten-level activity


Arfa Saad

The luxury of nap time is more than necessary for students who aren’t just little kids.

Think back with me, if you will, to a simpler time when you didn’t have to worry about finals, deadlines and jobs. Your only concerns were learning how to tie your shoes and sing the alphabet. 

Kindergarten, preschool, daycare, call it whatever you want, but I’m sure most of us can recall our time there. Playing at recess, learning our ABC’s and making friends. We were so innocent back then, not knowing the future tribulations we would have to face. Like homework or taxes.

Most of all, we typically got a class mandated nap time where everybody could relax and wind down after a long day.

Unfortunately, we don’t get that same kind of luxury now in high school. Although I’d argue that most of us actually did get time to nap last year during online school. 

Admit it, we all had that one class that we just couldn’t bear to sit through. Maybe it was one of the more lecture-heavy classes or P.E., where we were totally doing the assigned exercises. It could have been during the hour-long tutorial period where we decided to rest our heads.

Not me, of course. I’m a trustworthy student who loves to listen to some riveting lectures instead of getting an extra hour of sleep.

More to my point, however, is that high students need nap time now more than ever. With our combination of caffeine addictions and daily average of four hours of sleep, I’m confident in saying that this is a good idea. Especially with finals right around the corner, we definitely need more time to sleep.

It has gotten to the point that an entire Instagram account has been devoted to cataloging photos of fellow Cal students sleeping in class. I fear the day that I’m scrolling through my daily feed of Florida Man memes and see a photo of myself, lost in slumber.

It’s a simple solution. All we would have to do is to replace something in the schedule with a time for napping. I suggest eliminating fifth period for the cause. It will not be missed.

I can assure you that this is a good idea. How many times have you wanted those precious last few minutes to sleep in?

Most students are hyped up on coffee or energy drinks (not me though – I stick to my daily dose of water and gasoline to keep me going). If we got just one period to relax, unwind, and even sleep, I think that the general happiness of most students would improve.

Think about how much more productive us students would be if we got just a little more sleep. We could use that time to procrastinate even more.