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The demon stairs of the main building sadly did not disappear during quarantine.

Back to school backfires

Cal High's typical shenanigans start faster than ever
Wyatt Golla, Staff Writer October 15, 2021

There is one truth at this school: there’s always something going on at Cal High.  It doesn’t matter if we are online or in person. It’s always something.  Honestly, I definitely could have...

Its hard to find a job that benefits the lifestyle of post-pandemic teens.

Lazily looking for a job in a post-COVID 19 world

Wyatt Golla, Staff Writer May 28, 2021

I am finally old enough to apply for a summer job, but I find myself with a problem that some students might be able to relate to.  The problem is I don’t think I have done anything remotely useful...

AP testing administration undergoes more changes under pandemic

College Board offers remote and in-person AP tests
Wyatt Golla, Staff Writer April 30, 2021

Cal High will begin administering a mix of full-length AP tests remotely and in-person on Tuesday This presents a big change from last year’s administration, where students could only take their AP...

The deserted land that is the Cal High quad.

Did the Cal High campus miss us?

Q&A with the Cal High campus
Wyatt Golla, Staff Writer April 28, 2021

We have been away from school for almost a year now, and I never thought I would say this but, I miss actually being in school. Shocking, I know. But as much as we may have missed the campus there's...

Its only January, but 2021 is already going off the rails.

In just one month, 2021 is already off to a rough start

Wyatt Golla, Staff Writer February 3, 2021

Just when we thought that we were done with the 365-day long nightmare called 2020, 2021 comes round the corner and says, “Hold my age-appropriate beverage.” We acted so high and mighty near the...

 Even in the midst of pandemic chaos, Florida men across the state have still found ways to keep the crazy energy going.

Even 2020 cannot stop Florida man’s antics

He has spent the craziest year transcending time and space itself, ascending to new heights of ridiculousness
Wyatt Golla, Staff Writer December 16, 2020

There are three inevitabilities in life: Death, taxes, and Florida man.  Praise be to Florida man. Granted, 2020 has been a rough year, that's for sure. Murder hornets, fire, plague, and a severe...

Officials downplay COVID-19, then proceed to get COVID-19

Wyatt Golla, Staff Writer November 4, 2020

President Trump and others catch the coronavirus - was it ironic or inevitable? With all the turmoil going on in day-to-day life, it's difficult to find humor in some situations. In normal situations,...

What are students actually doing during student support? Who knows, but its certainly not a massive underground video games competition.

The totally normal student support period

Wyatt Golla, Staff Writer September 28, 2020

Nothing at all is happening in student support. Nope, not a single thing. Ever.  Everyone knows what student support is. A time to get in contact with your teachers. A time for work and discussion....

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