Coming too soon: Annual Holidays

The return of many people’s favorite holiday draws near


Illustration by Erin Kim

This festive Thanksgiving turkey gets roasted, literally, by an oven fire in preparation for the holiday feast.

The time has come where the leaves change color and the turkeys cower in fear.
Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and people are getting ready to settle down to feast on the roasted turkey neatly placed on the table with way too many unnecessary decorations.
This nation-wide holiday is one that almost everybody loves, or at least one that everybody knows of.
Some enjoy Thanksgiving for the turkey that tastes oh-so good, while others enjoy it for the one week vacation from school. Regardless of why people enjoy it, the holiday is cherished nonetheless.
Even though other holidays are coming soon, there are people waiting for the second that Halloween ends to replace their ghosts and pumpkins with Christmas lights and decorations, because Thanksgiving only exists on the day it arrives.
With Christmas just around the corner, many people are already beginning to set up their Christmas tree and ornaments.
One baffling thing about the holidays is the mystery of why people set up decorations one or two months early. Maybe it’s to get it over with early just so that they don’t have to worry about it later.
It’s also hard to figure out why stores are ready to sell holiday items so early. Many stores tend to sell holiday themed goods months prior to the actual holiday.
Maybe it’s to make as much money off the holiday as humanly possible, or to cater to those people who start their holiday shopping months in advance to beat the December crowds.
I have seen holiday themed products being sold since June, and I bet all these Christmas decorations will be taken off the shelves right after New Year’s Day.
And then they will be quickly replaced with summer items, once again repeating the loop. The cycle of shelf life never ceases to amaze me.
There are also many things about Christmas that we enjoy that would be considered strange if it happened any other time of the year.
The kids love Santa Claus, and who wouldn’t agree? He gives gifts to those who have been good throughout the year. But even if he gives people gifts, it’s kind of strange that we tell people that an old man invades every house through a chimney on one day to drop items covered in wrapping paper and ribbons.
Another example would be Christmas carols. As much as they sound jolly and cheerful, some of these songs have rather concerning lyrics. One explains how Santa stalks people to see if they deserve a gift from him, and another talks about how someone’s grandmother got stampeded by reindeer.
I don’t know about you, but happily singing about stuff like that doesn’t seem very merry.
Even though Thanksgiving is a bit more calm than Christmas, it still has its fair share of oddities. It’s rather interesting that every year, the president of the United States has to pardon a turkey from being slaughtered for someone’s dinner.
During the Thanksgiving season, everyone is ready to swarm the stores and open up their wallets, especially during events like Black Friday, where everything you wanted is out of stock, or in another store.
That isn’t the only downside. During Black Friday, people have to prepare to fend against an entire stampede of buyers that will probably take what they want the moment they reach out their hand to grab it.
Shopping and festivities aside, almost everyone loves the holiday season. This is the time where everyone gathers together and enjoys the various foods laid across the table.
In the end, it doesn’t matter which holiday is your favorite or which holiday is the most popular. All that matters is that you don’t choke on a turkey leg or eggnog.