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The Official Student-Run Newspaper of California High School

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Riding a roller coaster should be on everyones summer to-do list. Fortunately, there are several great ones in the Bay Area.

Thrill rides for perfect summer vibes

Hallie Chong, Online Editor June 1, 2022

With less than a week left of the school year, many students are anticipating  the start of summer break. But students can’t go on a vacation without an amusement park outing. As an amusement park...

Unpack your summer bucket list

Erica Dembrowicz, Photographer June 1, 2022

Summer is right around the corner and everyone is planning what they want to do over the two-plus month break.  While it’s nice to sit around for a little while after the school year ends, that can...

Scan the QR code to access our Spotify playlist and enjoy your summer with Californians top picks.

The Californian staff selects summer songs to save your sanity

As the summer quickly approaches, students need something to fill their days, and ears, with. Here’s part of our recommended playlist from our staff to make your summer days a bit brighter. 1. “See...

One of the job opportunities for high school students includes lifeguarding at the San Ramon Olympic Pool next to Cal High. Lifeguards must be able to complete several tasks in the water, such as swimming 300 yards using both freestyle and breastroke techniques, retrieving a 10-pound weight from 7-foot deep water, and treading water for two minutes.

On the lookout for a summer job?

Trisha Sarkar, News Editor April 29, 2022

With summer just around the corner, Cal High students are searching for jobs to keep them occupied and to earn some money during the months off of school. Grocery stores such as Safeway and Trader Joe’s...

Shaking it up this summer

Shaking it up this summer

Ceci Musgrove, Features Editor May 29, 2019

In a time of hot weather and sticky desserts, the milkshake is by far my favorite and the cleanest treat of the summertime.  Keeping everything in a cup on the go or even sitting down at your favorite...

Yo-yo, it’s fro-yo

Yo-yo, it’s fro-yo

Emmy Burrus , Co Editor-in-Chief May 29, 2019

ooking for a cool summer treat without the extra calories of ice cream? Frozen yogurt is a great alternative. Although this dessert still isn’t very healthy, on a hot summer day who cares? And lucky...

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream this upcoming summer break

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream this upcoming summer break

Sabrina Contreras, Co Managing Editor May 29, 2019

As summer approaches, the only thing that can save us from the scorching sun is ice cream. Lucky for you, I’ve taken my precious time to go ice cream tasting, trying to find the best ice cream around....

Many students work in the fast food industry during the summer, serving up hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries, and other culinary delights.

A student’s guide to getting a summer job

Priyanka Krishna and Maira Nigaar, Staff Writers May 28, 2019

Summer is right around the corner, which means the hunt for summer jobs has begun.  Searching for summer jobs is a seemingly intimidating and tiring task, and many are unsure how to begin looking...

As seniors soak up the summer sun, juniors are stuck in windowless classrooms preparing for standardized tests and essays.

Summer different for seniors and juniors

Michelle Kuperman, A&E Editor May 28, 2019

For seniors it’s time to kick their feet up and sip on some iced tea under the sun. All their hard work paid off and they know exactly where they are headed in the fall.  But for juniors this...

Sophomores Celeste Paapanen, left, and Kimi Shirai are among the Cal High students who landed internships this summer. Paapanen will be interning for Supervisor Wilma Chan at Alameda County District 3, while Shirai is part of UCSB’s Research Mentorship Program.

Students gear up for summer internships

Emmy Burrus, Co Editor-in-Chief May 28, 2019

The two and a half months of summer that are approaching give students the perfect opportunity to get an internship.  This is exactly what many Cal High students have already begun doing. Sophomore...

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