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Where in the world is Nick Harvey?

Harvey studies a world globe in geography teacher Hannah Cheng’s classroom.

Ananya Nag, News Editor

May 28, 2019

Freshman Nick Harvey is pursuing his passion in geography, going on to win awards on a national level.  In April, Harvey competed in the National History Bee and Bowl in Arlington, Va., reaching the semifinals in the National Geography Bee portion of the competition.  This placed Harv...

AP Comparative Gov should be offered

AP Comparative Gov should be offered

Nick Harvey, Staff Writer

February 12, 2019

AP Comparative Govern- ment (APCG) is a fascinating class that we need at Cal High. The class consists of learningabout the political systems of sixdifferent countries - the Unit- ed Kingdom, Russia, China,Mexico, Iran, and Nigeria - andcomparing them, as the name of the class implies. ...