The triumphant return of the Costco churro


Illustration by Ari Harvey

The beloved Costco churro has returned to the Costco food court.

Nick Harvey, Opinions Editor

The friendly service. The wide array of items. The food court. There’s much to love about Costco. 

But Costco has become even more lovable with the re-introduction of their classic churro at the Danville Costco food court – with a twist (see what I did there?).

The year-long absence of the Spanish pastry left a hole in our hearts, and the Seattle-based corporation has fixed this problem by pumping our hearts full of cinnamon sugar. (And at 570 calories per churro, they also pumped our arteries with cholesterol).

The coronavirus pandemic upended many aspects of life, including the Costco food court, which was closed in the spring of last year. But with cases of COVID-19 on the decline and vaccines on the rise, Costco has decided to re-open the food court.

Last year, rumors started circulating that Costco was piloting a new churro in its Southern California locations. An August 2020 Reddit post discussed a new churro being sold at Costco’s Oxnard location, while Instagram account @costcobuys posted a photo of the new churro being sold at the Huntington Beach store on January 20 of this year. 

Luckily, those rumors were true.

The new churro has a price increase, from $1.00 to $1.49. But the churro itself more than makes up for it by incorporating cinnamon into one of the two twists of the churro, not merely coating the outside of it.

I tried the new churro, and it was worth every last penny.

As mentioned, the churro had a burst of cinnamon flavor from not only the delectable cinnamon sugar coating on the outside but also the cinnamon baked into the twist as well. It was a nice respite after more than a year of being churro free.

My only complaints are that sugar and cinnamon always fall off of the churro and get whatever I’m wearing dirty, and that sometimes I bite into the churro expecting a nice, doughy, cinnamony experience but instead receive a yummy bite of tinfoil instead.

After consuming almost one-third of my recommended daily calorie limit, I finished the experience like everyone always should after eating a Costco churro: licking the cinnamon sugar off my fingers as a final treat, and then promptly washing my hands with plenty of soap.