The death of ‘Fortnite’ is near

Andrew Sousa, Sports Editor

At the beginning of time, there was Pong. Then there was Mario. Then there was Minecraft. And then there was… “Fortnite.”

Throughout history, video games have come and gone, evolving with times. They’ve revolutionized the entertainment industry and almost always found themselves on top of the world.

But every gaming titan falls eventually. A new, more innovative game will always come out, replacing the seemingly invincible game before it. “Fortnite” may be the next titan to fall.

With the introduction of games like “Apex Legends” and “Tetris 99,”  “Fortnite’s” undisputed claim as top game of its time is in serious jeopardy.

While “Fortnite” is still very popular, it is a shell of its former glory.  

At the beginning of its fame, “Fortnite” was a game where literally everyone was a noob. I only have 20 wins, but I would have won nearly every game had I had my current skill. Now the only true winners are those who hack and those who can build Fort Knox at the sound of any shot. For the newcomers default dancing their way into games, there is no hope, only imminent death.

A real problem is that many players can’t comprehend “Fortnite” combat.  Like the all-mighty double pump back in the day, where players discovered that you could shoot two shotgun blasts with almost no delay in between, instantly killing enemies. The community demanded change, and they got it, by making the shotgun almost useless. Well done Epic.

Speaking of community, the “Fortnite” fan-base has become toxic as of late. Not “League of Legends” toxic, but toxic for sure. 

The most clear case of this has been in the streaming world and just bad sportsmanship. The biggest problem in the game has been the rise of the atrocity known as stream-sniping.

For those who don’t know, stream-sniping is when someone watches someone else’s stream, and if they manage to get in the same game, they will track the streamer and try to kill them. 

The rise of stream-sniping has caused ripples throughout the community. It even affects those who don’t stream snipe. The most well known example of this has got to be when Ninja, the top “Fortnite” streamer, got a player banned, along with likely dozens others, just for killing him and then “emoting” on him. Just Google “Ninja stream-sniping.”  It’s quite the display of human arrogance and shame.

“Fortnite” has nearly reached the end of its rope.  Soon, people will forget all of the epic Victory Royales they got or even forget about “Fortnite” entirely. It will simply become “that game with the floss dance,” its true glory and genius lost in the sands of time.