School was better than this

“I’m bored.” 

Don’t worry, we’ve all said it. To many people’s surprise, including my own, this break has not been the usual vacation from school that was expected.

Instead of being able to hang out or play sports, we get to spend a good amount of time in our lovely homes. On top of that, teachers have decided to give us a ton of work to do, to compensate for not having school. 

But by far, the absolute worst part of this coronacation has to be the fact that we can’t see our friends in person anymore. Sure, we can text and Facetime them, but it’s just not the same when we can’t personally see them. 

So, that leaves most of us left with spending hours on TikTok or video games. 

Remember that phrase, “You don’t know how important something is to you until it’s taken away”? Well, dare I say it, I think school was actually better. 

With school, we had less work, new things happened each day, and we were free to roam wherever we pleased. Plus, we were always in contact with friends and we could play our sports. Plus, it felt a lot less awkward to talk in front of your class when you could physically see them. 

Instead, now get to see that black screen with someone’s name on it and that little indicator in the corner saying their mic is muted. 

There just hasn’t been anything great about this break. The only thing we are really getting out of this is probably just bad eyesight from looking at a  screen all the time, since there’s literally nothing else to do. 

Staying at home all the time has actually been way worse than anticipated. Who would’ve known that it would be so boring? 

Sure, you could pick up some new hobby, but for those of us who use all of their power to just get out of bed, a new hobby sounds practically impossible. 

Not physically being inside the place that’s only purpose is to have us learn and do work has taken a lot of our already little motivation away. Being at home just gives a different environment and vibe that just doesn’t pair with doing all of this homework. 

I find it difficult to just pay attention during all of those videos our teachers send us, even when it’s much shorter than what we used to do during class. The only times I (and I’m sure many of us) can pay attention are when I’m watching Disney Plus or TikToks. 

In fact, from my countless hours of watching TikToks, I know I’m not the only one who has learned to appreciate school a lot more. 

School took up so much time of our day that it was hard to consider a school day “boring” like we do with these days at home. Every day just feels like more and more of a routine, with the same things happening over and over again.

Eat, do homework, play, sleep and repeat. Just like that Nike ad.

Sure, with school we also had a routine, but it didn’t feel like that as much as it does now. Now, It feels like the same day over and over and over again. In fact, this month doesn’t even feel like May anymore. This was supposed to be the month where everyone is really hyped because school is almost over for the year.

What even happened to April? Our sense of time has just gone through the roof. 

Somehow, after watching TikToks for what feels like a minute, it’s already been three hours, which is especially bad when I pick up my phone before I go to sleep. Like many of us, I have a pretty messed up sleep schedule.

But I can’t say this break has only been all bad. There have been tiny positive impacts on our lives thanks to this quarantine. We’ve started to notice the little things that happen, our environment is doing way better, and most of us are working on ourselves. 

Whether it be meditating or watching thousands of Chloe Ting ab workouts to finally get that six pack, we finally have time to focus on us. But as much as that may sound like sunshine and rainbows, that doesn’t compensate for the fact that our screen time is probably around 25 hours a day.

Whether life with school or without it was better, it’s not likely that things will change anytime soon. And with these new murder hornets coming into the story, it seems like we’ll be stuck on this page for a while.