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Are Advanced Placement tests worth the time? (YES)

Gina Wu, Staff Writer

May 29, 2019

Since The College Board was founded in 1899, the non-profit organization has witnessed a great expansion in its loyal fanbase for its unique offering of standardized tests, including the Advanced Placement (AP) tests, which are notorious for their high price and the immense amount of stress associated...

Students gear up for summer internships

Students gear up for summer internships

Emmy Burrus, Staff Writer

May 28, 2019

The two and a half months of summer that are approaching give students the perfect opportunity to get an internship.  This is exactly what many Cal High students have already begun doing. Sophomore Kimi Shirai has landed herself an internship at the UC Santa Barbara Research Mentorship Progr...

Bribes undermine hard-working students

Californian Staff, The voice of Cal High

March 26, 2019

The month of March means one thing for seniors: college decisions.  At any given moment students can be found either crying tears of joy or pain as the rejection and acceptance emails roll in.  But there’s been something that made this season particularly frustrating. A truth has been revea...

We are desensitized to regular gun violence

Californian Staff

October 16, 2018

Gun violence has taken the entire country by storm in the past couple of years. Sadly,   more and more students have to cope with the reality of school shootings.  Whether it is through the news, school shooting drills, or political discourse, all students in our nation have experienced ...

New schedule change will help students

May 15, 2017

Recently, while meeting with students to discuss plans for next year’s classes, counselors offered the option of allowing students to leave campus after lunch rather than taking unnecessary classes. The option has been offered to most seniors who are on track for graduation. The Californian  believ...

Cal students observe Day of Silence

Cal students observe Day of Silence

Adam Jackson, A&E Editor

April 27, 2015

Communication has always been a vital part of society, to the point where it is nearly impossible to go a day without it. But on April 17, students across the nation vowed to not speak for an entire day to recognize the Day of Silence. The Day of Silence, first organized at the University of Virgina...

Spring shows captivate students

Spring shows captivate students

Brenda Shanahan and Saatvika Deshpande

April 27, 2015

If there’s one thing the majority of students do, it’s watch TV. Most Cal High students have a Netflix account and spend hours of their time on it, streaming movies and procrastinating on homework. With shows like “Daredevil” and “Orange is the New Black,” there seems to be a new trend...

Closed campus angers students

Closed campus angers students

Joyce Ho and Heather Wong

September 19, 2014

Two hundred frustrated students filed out of the town hall meeting on Sept. 3 immediately after learning from new Principal Sarah Wondolowski that reopening Cal High’s campus at lunch was not an option. The remaining 70 students who stayed voiced their opinions and offered suggestions toward a compromise,...

Californian schools not for California students

Californian schools not for California students

Stephany Kim, Staff Writer

June 5, 2014

This fall, 70 seniors from Cal High will be attending one of the 10 schools in the University of California system. While a considerable number of seniors from Cal go to one of the UC schools every year, the number of in-state acceptances is rapidly declining. Since 2009, there has been a 273 percent...

Is district trying to censor students?

Is district trying to censor students?

Staff Editorial

January 16, 2014

In our last issue, The Californian published a story on an alleged physical conflict between a student and a teacher. Californian adviser Brian Barr received an email from Principal Mark Corti the day of publication highlighting district policy and  explaining the district’s concerns with the arti...

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