Yo-yo, it’s fro-yo

Emmy Burrus , Co Editor-in-Chief

ooking for a cool summer treat without the extra calories of ice cream? Frozen yogurt is a great alternative.

Although this dessert still isn’t very healthy, on a hot summer day who cares? And lucky for us, the East Bay has many different options to choose from.

Here’s my list of some of the frozen yogurt shops in the area that students  should check out this summer.


If you want delicious frozen yogurt with great toppings, Yogurtland is the place to go. Located across the street from the City Center, Yogurtland is a great treat after a long day of shopping.

They have a variety of flavors that will make your taste buds sing. Their frozen yogurt does melt fast though, so be careful when it’s hot out.

They also offer many toppings to choose from, from fruity pebbles to mochi. And they taste good too.

Once you’ve gotten your frozen yogurt, you can either sit outside and  enjoy the summer sun, or inside where they have a complementary water stand.

So next time you’re  in  need of  a  cool treat in the dead of summer, make sure to check out Yogurtland, my top pick.

Berry Delight

If you’re able to go beyond the San Ramon border, Berry Delight at the Stoneridge Mall in Pleasanton is a must.

Their frozen yogurt is thick, creamy and tastes almost like ice cream. It’s the perfect treat for when you’re at the mall with friends or family this summer.

The one drawback is their frozen yogurt is a bit more expensive, and the shop’s space is a little cramped, so they don’t offer too wide a variety of toppings or flavors. But the flavors they do have will leave you wanting more.

If you ever happen to find yourself at the mall this summer, as many of us inevitably will, go over to Berry Delight for a sweet summer snack.


Recently our school hosted a rally and Menchie’s was provided. But how many of us have really gone to an actual Menchie’s location?

Well, if you ever do, you’ll walk in to see the circular layout of the store that begins with the frozen yogurt, goes on to toppings, and ends at the register with tables all around.

Menchie’s also offers many different choices of flavors. Their options are good if you’re looking for something more bland. The vanilla has a very light taste, whereas their basic chocolate is pretty dark.

The store is located in the Crow Canyon shopping center that includes Dos Coyotes and The Habit. So, if you’re in need of dessert after an evening of dining, head over to Menchie’s.

Tutti Frutti

Another frozen yogurt option outside of San Ramon is Tutti Frutti, located in the Hacienda Crossings Shopping Center in Dublin near the Regal movie theaters.

Tutti Frutti offers a very wide variety of toppings, stretching from M&Ms to shredded coconut to kiwi, as well as a wall full of candy and a good amount of flavors to choose from. But their frozen yogurt is on the watery side.

Tutti Frutti even has gelato and boba tea. Inside the store there are many tables, chairs and couches to enjoy your frozen yogurt on.

So, if you ever have a craving for frozen yogurt after going to the movie theatre, stop by Tutti Frutti.

As you can now see, our corner of the Bay Area is blessed with many great frozen yogurt shops. And there are even more than we could mention. 

So, this summer, be sure to check some of our favorite places to go for a sweet, refreshing treat.